The City of Osburn and Osburn Cemetery Board serves as stewards of our community's final resting places, ensuring they are maintained with dignity, respect, and reverence. Comprised of dedicated volunteers, the board works with the City of Osburn to oversee the management, upkeep, and development of Gene Day Cemetery preserving its historical significance while accommodating the needs of our residents. From landscaping to plot allocation, the City of Osburn and Cemetery Board work tirelessly to honor the memories of the departed and provide solace to grieving families. Please contact the Osburn City Clerk’s Office if you need to purchase a cemetery plot or columbarium wall niche for yourself or a loved one.

Local Cemeteries

Day Cemetery - Madison St., Osburn, Idaho

Shoshone Funeral Home - 106 S Main St., Kellogg, Idaho, 208-786-5121